Get More Customers,

Maximize Profits!

Our focus is to help your local business grow past your potential. As marketing & business professionals all our activities are focused on bringing in your business more money. PERIOD! The money you put out towards our services easily pay for itself with the increase in revenue you will experience.

  • Maximize Your Profits!

    Before we open the floodgates of customers we need to make sure you are making your maximum amount from them while delivering the best value that will build a positive brand for your company.

  • Get More Clients!

    Defining your perfect customer and determining their lifetime value will set the tone on marketing activities to help increase targeted individuals to do business with you. Why waste time and money on people that are not interested in what you have to offer...(Much like a Newspaper Ad).

  • Scale Your Business!

    After testing and optimization we determine exactly how much it costs to acquire your customer and how much you will make with them. For every dollar you put in you get back $X...once you have that data and can repeatably match those numbers, it's time to scale your business.

The consultation call is a 45 minute discussion via zoom. There will be no selling and we are here to help you. If you feel good with us and feel we can help we would be honoured. 



We are obsessed with optimizing everything we do. Most people don't have the patience and give up quick. Some of the biggest companies in the world run on processes and procedures that are optimized, which minimizes you're spending and maximizes your profits.

  • TEST

    Testing one thing at a time is the only way to determine what works best or not.


    Keeping track of all the results gives factual data to make decisions.


    Implementing changes that enhance everything we do.


    We keep repeating this process until we maximize our profits and have repeatable results.



Local Listing Optimization

If you're hard to find then you don't exist.  Prospects will give their money to your competition. You're missing out on revenue for your business!

Local Social Media Presence

Social is about your reputation. Prospects that research you rely on social proof when making a decision to do business with you. Be active in the online community.

Sales and Lead Funnels

Finding customers is one of the biggest activities that businesses focus on which take big resources. Convert prospects into customers with automation.

Employee Lead Generation

Employees are the lifeblood of any organization. Having a big enough pool of people to choose from allows you to have the best business in town.

Strategic Marketing Plans

Unfortunately most business owners focus on tactics that end in failure to increase returns. Proper planning minimizes expenses and brings growth.

Business Scaling Strategies

Planning your business to scale is the best way to constantly increase your revenue. Having repeatable results that you replicate wherever you go = success.


Trillion Google Searches Last Year

46% are looking for local information

Can Prospects Find You?

91% of websites are not even indexed by Google, hoping that you get on the first page will only lead you to not even being seen. Properly setting up and maintaining your listings will ensure your ahead of your competition.

  • Local Listing Audit

    With over 300 different points that need to be evaluated we can create an action plan for success.

  • Listing Optimization

    Now we can implement the action plan. Work on your listing so it has as many points fixed up and tested for performance.

  • Maintaining Your Listings

    As you know with the Internet it is constantly changing. Including new competition. Having us on your team ensures you're always up to date and ahead of everyone.

The consultation call is a 45 minute discussion via zoom. There will be no selling and we are here to help you. If you feel good with us and feel we can help we would be honoured. 


of Social Media Users

Research Businesses before using them!

Your Social 

Your online presence is how you build your reputation. The better your online presence the more a prospect will trust your business.

  • Social Audit

    We evaluate your business and determine which platforms you need to be on to reach your target market. Then build a plan to dominate it and make your business the only choice for a customer.

  • Account Optimization

    Choosing the right platform is essential, once we got that we can go in and make sure we take advantage of every part of your account. 

  • Content Planning

    Building a content plan and implementing it will give you that source of traffic you need to increase the cash in your bank. We optimize how fast you can put together the content in a way that is comfortable and productive for you.

The consultation call is a 45 minute discussion via zoom. There will be no selling and we are here to help you. If you feel good with us and feel we can help we would be honoured. 


Interactions with a Prospect

before trust is earned!

Automated Lead Systems

You want to grow your business, and that can't happen if you're constantly running it. Automating interactions will build the relationship with your prospect and turn them into customers! 

  • Set it and Forget it

    Initially it will take some work to design all the processes and automate them. However after that is done you can have the luxury of not chasing your tail like the competition and focus on growing your business at the same time of building your brand.

  • Lead Nurturing

    We set up sequences that are triggered by specific actions. Whether it be a sequence of emails to introduce your business, educate clients on a product or service etc...

  • Building Trust

    Your relationship with your prospect and customer determine how much money you make. Having a system in place that is constantly and automatically working on building trust will benefit you even more than a financial gain.

The consultation call is a 45 minute discussion via zoom. There will be no selling and we are here to help you. If you feel good with us and feel we can help we would be honoured. 


Days on Average to Hire an Employee!

Have a steady stream of applicants!

Need Employees?

It seems almost every business has the same issue. Finding quality employees! You need to go about it just like you would look for a customer.

  • Branding

    People want to work for good companies. The better the brand your company has the more chances that you can hire the right people to make your company even better.

  • Targeting the Perfect Employee

    Creating a profile on your perfect employee is essential to finding them and pulling them over to you.

  • Marketing Activities

    Much the same techniques used to build your customer leads are used to find employees. The best ones are already working, which makes it even harder to find. (Don't worry, we find them!!)

The consultation call is a 45 minute discussion via zoom. There will be no selling and we are here to help you. If you feel good with us and feel we can help we would be honoured. 


The Thinkers, Planners and Masterminds that

Obsess about Making You Money



Over the past two decades I have opened over 14 businesses and either sold them off, gave them away or closed them down. I had a problem being an entrepreneur. I'm gonna brag here and say I'm amazing at starting and building businesses,  however I hated running the day to day operations. The one thing that was common in each business is that I was a master at getting clients. Which for me is one of the biggest advantages to a business. I've travelled the world, sacrificed time with my family, put things on hold, spent hundreds of thousands on trainings, masterminds, conferences, inner circles you name it all in the name of increasing my profits and getting more clients. When I decided to open this marketing agency it gave me the ability to dabble in other peoples companies, let them do the day to day and just help them make more money. Our clients always have smiles...why? they have more money each time they talk with us. Let us get a smile on your face...we're always here to help.



I have over 20 years dealing with customers and building relationships with them.  I will do my absolute best to ensure you are satisfied with the services we offer here at Mishmash Marketing.  My time spent in the military taught me that time is precious.  Thus, my mission is to simplify and automate processes for our clients as much as possible.  My specialty is execution.  I understand as an entrepreneur or business owner there is little time to be wasted.  "Be a business owner to be your own boss" they say.  I know as a business owner time becomes your boss.  In my downtime I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends.  I look at life like this "Make the most of what you have.  Don't like it?  Do something about it."



I am the non technical non creative of the bunch. But wow I can run a tight ship. I keeps our staff on schedule, clients scheduled and happy. I'm the glue to this agency. With over 2 decades of business experience working on the most simplest tasks to taking on the government in court, I can do it all. Fearless and on edge is the way people see me and I wouldn't change it for anything. When it comes time for you to work with us and start maximizing your profits in your business, I will be your new best friend.  The one that listens but tells it like it is, all in the effort to make your business what you want it to be. 



My goal is to diversify our clients income, optimize their investments and protect their future.  I became a serial entrepreneur since the age of 20.  Thus, I have more than 25 years opening and running multiple businesses.  I've seen and overcame bankruptcy only to follow huge success that I never thought possible.  I truly believe in freedom of choice, personal and professional growth, and contributing back.  I am passionate about my work as much as I am at giving back.  No matter what the ups and downs in my life my daughter is my priority in life.  I am a simple individual that enjoys spending time with pets, friends, and family.  My motto is "Never give up, you never know when success will appear".